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About Green SQUARES

For me -
“Each space is important, where we live in it;
Each place converts itself into important space, where we place ourselves as participants!”

Idea striked, when I was reading a book on importance of “SQUARES” in civilizations. A Squareas - a “public space” commonly found in the “HEART” of a town or city. Squares define differently as boundaries change. A Square named as “City square or Plaza or Platz or Maidan”; playing important role as community gathering, to share happiness and joy; sharing love, feelings, expertise and knowledge. Shopping-selling,Eating-cooking, Music-dance, Entertainment-fun, Chit-chats-gossips – What a life wants, what we live for; everything moves with time and stores as memory. A Square is collection of Human “Experiences” that preserve numerous cultural values. A square plays major role in exchange of “Goods” as well as “IDEAs”.

Essence –
“A“SQUARE” is an attachment of emotions, trades, knowledge and memories..!
A“SQUARE” where people participate, live and act..!
A“SQUARE” creates impacts and guides life..!

People act and behave what they have learned, what they have observed. If this community who are participants of a “Green SQUARE”, who increase knowledge, who act and behave and contribute life in making sustainable world; our purpose is solved, One SQUARE will grow and merge with such SQUARES and how this whole sustainable society will emerge.


        I strongly believe that experience is more important in our field than what we have learned from our faculties, or we have gained from books. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I started working with small scale projects. Every time, for the reason of giving a unique touch to the projects- it has generated many opportunities to help me grow as a strong designer. From new and different projects, I have learnt a lot of things especially from site experiences. Yes..! My faculties, my college have given me a lot. I learned on their steps; starting from holding pencils, influencing from different ideas to the final outcome of the project-on paper; but my actual on-site work experiences have helped me establish a base of my firm, called “Green Squares”.

        Green does not serve only name, but it reflects our interests, our passions and our dedication towards society in making it more energy efficient. My bachelors degree thesis, named “Ecology of Skyscrapers” – an energy efficient skyscraper design, helped me earn national award. I fostered my interest further ahead and did my masters in “Climate change and sustainable development” to make it more worthy and meaningful. Also, my masters’ thesis, named “Thermal Performance due to orientation in residential building for hot & dry climate of Ahmedabad”, helped me to identify myself in the field of green architecture and clients started demanding for applications of the research ideas. Our journey towards green architecture and energy efficient buildings have just begun and we are aiming at society “squares” to make it “Green” in a true manner. We are also preparing for LEED and GRIHA rating applications.

        My friends joined me during this venture and made “Green Squares” a strong firm. We worked on many residential, commercial, institutional, landscape architecture and interior projects including some creative product designs; and wall mural designs. We are known for contemporary architecture and interior designing with creative product designs.
Green Squares

Believes in Most innovative & sustainable intagrated design practices


With intentions of being innovative and perfectionist, our passion towards “Green architecture and Creative interiors” has earned us a lot of admiration and recognition. We love to take challenges and new opportunities which help us to develop one of Green Squares’ strongest pillars, where architecture and interiors are concerned.

With one aim to make our society “Self-Sustainable”, our main thought process is to achieve sustainable designs with user’s satisfaction. Keeping in mind we work for “Energy Efficient Futuristic Development”.

Friends have joined us with the same dream, and so Green Squares has undeviatingly grown stronger. Each one has their own capability and strength. We are known for our solar passive and energy efficient designs, climate responsive architecture, and creative interiors with artistic approach. Our supporters and clients say- our work has a unique and flourished touch. Maybe this is because- it was just what we saw as an artist, always trying to paint from the bottom of our hearts.


  • AR. Bhavik Mehta

    B.ARCH. (Gold Medalist),
    M. TECH. (Sustainable development)